How do I look after VBeam pulsed dye laser treated area?

Your skin will develop redness or light blue to deep purple bruising immediately after treatment. This may become darker over the next 2 days. The bruising can last for up to 14 days. 

  • You can wash the treated area as normal using warm water but not harsh soaps or exfoliants. The skin should be patted dry, not rubbed as this can break the skin. Care should be taken when shaving. It may be best not to shave until the bruising has settled. 
  • Keep the skin cool for the next 72 hours e.g. no excessive exercise, saunas steam rooms etc 
  • The skin should be treated with a simple moisturising cream such as Lynton light soothe serum until the bruising settles. 
  • Very occasionally, you may develop slight crusting or scabbing of the skin. If the skin breaks, it is best to apply an antiseptic such as Savlon cream or a proprietary brand 2-3 times daily. This will help to reduce the risk of infection. You should do this until the skin heals. 
  • You can use camouflage make up to cover the area after treatment. Care should be taken when removing to avoid breaking the skin. 
  • If a contact lens was used to treat the eyelid you will have an eye pad in place. This should be kept in place for 2 hours after treatment. This is to prevent injury to the eye 
  • You may find applying an ice pack to the treated area may reduce the heat and discomfort after treatment. The ice pack should not be applied directly to the skin, it should be wrapped in a cloth or tea towel. It is best not to apply an ice pack over the eye. 
  • You should avoid letting the area become sun tanned during the period of your treatment. This can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. The use of a high factor sun block (minimum factor 30) is recommended. 
  • It is best to avoid all physical contact sports and swimming until the bruising has settled. This is to prevent damage to the skin. 
  • Some people find the treated area becomes a pale brown colour after treatment. This is a reaction caused by inflammation following the laser treatment. This can last for up to 6 months after treatment but will usually fade. This discolouration can also be made worse by sun exposure. Again, we recommend the use of a sun block.
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