Mole mapping

We believe that there is no substitute for a full body mole check. Snap shots of individual moles may provide reassurance, but these should be combined with full body skin checks.

The mole check clinic is first in Manchester offering ATBM!

  • Consultant dermatologist led service
  • For single or multiple moles
  • Full body skin examination
  • Suspicious moles can be identified and excised
  • All excisions by a trained skin surgeon
  • The mole check clinic relies on double reporting of all mole maps, reducing chances of ambiguity.
  • Quick turnaround time for peace of mind
  • No waiting for weeks- if a mole needs removal, this can usually be arranged on the same day, nearly always within 5 days.

1) Full body automated mole mapping with Fotofinder ATBM®

  • German innovation in skin cancer diagnosis
  • 1st system for Automated Total Body Mapping in the world
  • Combination of total body photography and digital dermatoscopy
  • All moles mapped and examined
  • Total Body Mapped, including palms and soles
  • SmartMatch technology for whole body views with up to 72 megapixels
  • Mole analysis: high sensitivity and specificity
  • Identify new moles and changes in previous moles
  • Melanoma detected within minutes

2) Full body mole check and detailed dermoscopic examination

  • A dermatoscope uses a high quality lens for 10 to 14-times magnification and a lighting system which enables visualization of subsurface structures and patterns. Dermatoscope helps dermatologists to distinguish benign from malignant (cancerous) lesions, especially in the diagnosis of melanoma - the most serious skin cancer. Pattern recognition and specialist training in dermatology and dermoscopy allows our clinical staff to differentiate benign (harmless) from dysplastic (abnormal) moles and melanoma (skin cancer). This allows early removal of dangerous moles and prevents unnecessary removal of benign moles.


  • One off cost for full body mole check and ATBM check- £385.
  • You will receive a password protected USB drive with photographs of the moles
  • Mole removal is covered by all insurers. Self pay prices will be discussed in clinic and depends on number of moles removed and analysed by specialist pathologist.