Mole Removal

Moles are common skin blemishes, and in most cases, they are harmless. In some, however, they can be a symptom of melanoma. Moles change over the course of an individual’s life and can lighten or darken with time. They appear on any region of the body with some being birthmarks and other developing in childhood. You can decide to have moles removed for different reasons.

Perhaps the blemishes are interfering with your appearance, or you are afraid they could cause a bigger problem. Whatever the motivation, you need professional mole removal Manchester services from an experienced dermatologist. At UK Dermatologist, we use several techniques to eliminate unwanted moles on the skin.

The Mole Removal Treatments

Shaving, Laser ablation and excision are the three most common treatments that we perform on patients who want to remove moles. Excision is used when a mole looks threatening and may be a sign of skin cancer. Shaving and laser treatment are suitable for cosmetic purposes. You can consult with our skin care team to find out which treatment best suits your circumstances.

The treatments are simple, requiring only local anaesthesia. Whether it’s shaving, excision or laser ablation, the doctor works to remove the tissue. The degree of the shaving or excision will depend on the size of the mole. We will then examine the mole for any cancerous cells if that is a concern.

Why Us

When you need to get rid of your moles, trust an experienced dermatologist to handle it. UK Dermatologist has been providing a range of skin care services for years in Manchester. Our dermatologists will first evaluate your situation to see if mole removal is warranted.

Whether it’s for cosmetic or medical reasons, you can count on an expert team and experienced professionals to help you throughout the process. We have before and after photos of former patients, which you can look at to see our results. For mole removal treatments in Manchester by top skin care experts, contact UK Dermatologist.