Keloid Scars

Keloid Scars treatment

Keloid scars are thick raised scars and by definition are difficult to treat.

Keloids are commonly seen on earlobes, chest, shoulders and back.

They can be resistant to treatments and may not completely resolve.

Two best treatments for this condition are steroid injection and laser treatment. 

This technique serves to flatten the scars and improve the discomfort & itching which can be associated with keloid scars.

The redness associated with these scars can improve with pulsed dye laser treatment, which works best in combination with steroid injections.

Silicone gels or sheets are only useful in early stages of scarring but don’t usually help established keloid scars.

Stephanides S, Rai S, August P, Ferguson J, Madan V.Treatment of refractory keloids with pulsed dye laser alone and with rotational pulsed dye laser and intralesional corticosteroids: A retrospective case series. Laser Ther. 2011;20(4):279-86

Professor Madan uses combination of laser, steroid, bleomycin for resistant keloids.

Earlobe keloids on the other hand have a higher success rate with treatment such as carbon dioxide laser and combination with steroid injection.

Keloid Scars treatment before and after
Keloid Scars treatment