Laser Toning

Laser Toning treatment

Laser toning or low-fluence, multi-pass technique is a popular method for treatment of refractory melasma or pigmentation. The term “laser toning” originates from the improvements in skin tone that result from the use of the laser.

The procedure

  • Used Q switched laser at 1064nm wavelength.
  • The largest spot, 6–10mm available on the system, is used at a low fluence.
  • The endpoint of the treatment will be faint redness or three to four passes
  • The darker the melasma, lesser will be fluence and vice versa.
  • A minimum of 10–12 sessions with 4 weekly intervals is conducted.
  • After procedure, broad-spectrum sunscreen is used. Patients can resume their topical after 1–2 days after procedures.

Laser toning has become an extremely popular procedure in recent years. Various studies point out that it is moderately effective in the management of pigmentation such as melasma.

Laser Toning before and after