Cyst Removal

Cyst Removal treatment

Cysts are round, soft to firm swellings under the skin. They contain a discharge which can stretch the cyst wall. This can rupture and cause infection under the skin. Once infected, cysts can be difficult to treat. It is therefore best that cysts are excised before they get infected or inflamed.

If the cyst is small and not causing any problems, you may choose not to have it removed. However, as mentioned above, on cosmetically sensitive areas it is best to get the cyst removed before it gets inflamed.

Some cysts are not only unsightly but can also get very inflamed and result in scarring. Cysts can be excised or cut out, or be injected with steroids especially if inflamed or removed using a specialised laser technique with very low risk of scarring.

The specialised laser technique as pioneered by Professor Madan utilises a small chalazion spoon introduced via a laser puncture use to extract the contents of the cyst including its wall. This method is useful if the cysts are multiple and not inflamed.

Cyst Removal before and after