How should I look after laser treatment of age/ liver and sun spots?

Pigment lasers such as Q switched lasers are used to treat tattoos and superficial pigmented lesions of the skin e.g. age spots, certain types of birth mark and excessive pigmentation. Treatment is usually given at 4-12 week intervals as advised by Professor Madan. 

The number of treatments required varies widely. Small, light coloured lesions may only require one or two treatments, whereas larger and darker lesions may require up to six or more treatments. 

The laser pulse stings each time it impacts the skin and many pulses are required to cover large areas. The pain is usually well tolerated. The laser can often cause darkening of the treated area and swelling which can last 7-14 days. The discolouration can be covered with camouflage make-up until the appearance of the skin is back to normal. 

Not everyone has a good response to the treatment and there is a small risk of side effects including short term or permanent changes in the skin colour, scarring and textural changes in the skin. If you are not making good progress your doctor will discuss with you the options for further treatment. 


  • Wash the area twice daily in the shower and lightly remove residual product from the skin.  
  • After showering pat dry with a clean towel and apply Lynton Light Soothe. You will need to reapply an emollient  2-3 times daily to the treated area for the next 7 days.  
  • A high factor broad spectrum must be applied daily and reapplied as per manufacturer instructions. Avoid sun exposure. 
  • If there is any weeping or scab formation, you will need to apply an antiseptic ointment twice daily until clear. DO NOT PICK AT THE SCABS AS THIS MAY CAUSE SCARRING.  
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of treatment and for the next 7-10 days.
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